Best Playstation 5 and Xbox Games with the Best Game Bonus

Over the years, game creators have built up a dazzling collection of highly interactive and top-quality games. It can be hard to pick out the best ones and narrow down the list as every game has certain reward features for VIP gamers.

With the advancement and integration of technology in the gaming industry, these games allow players to get immersed and experience a fictional world like never before. Gamers can be part of a community with players that live in small towns or big cities.

Picking the right game can be difficult. Luckily, we have complied the best games that have rewards and game bonus deals for experienced players.

Below are the top 3 games reviews that are worthy of your investment.

We Were Here Game Series

The game is all about solving the puzzle to escape the sinister castle and earn rewards. The first installment is 5GB on PS4, whereas the PS5 version offers quicker load times.

Additionally, the game is available for free download for a limited time on PS4 devices. The free download feature is the added bonus that allows the players to enjoy and play right away. But check online when this limited time only deal expires.

The rest of the game series is set to release on February 23, 2021 on PlayStation 4. The rest of game offers more challenging puzzles with unlimited reward levels. Any gamer would enjoy this series.

Concrete Genie

The action-adventure social game is for PlayStation 4 and uses DualShock 4 motion control. The plot revolves around a city teenager who loves to doodle in his notebook.

The story arc includes a mission is to recover the lost pages of his notebook that were torn and stole by some bullies. The main character uses a paint brush to fend off the bullies as he searches for the lost pages. It’s a very simple game but very addicted game play with easy game level bonus coins.

The bonus content includes a digital soundtrack, VR modes, special avatar, and digital design pack. Best for younger gamers from ages 5-12.

Control Game

It is an adventure video game released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game plot revolves around the secret US government agency named FBC.

The game offers various missions, and as the player proceeds to the next story mission, they earn reward points and fast travel to unlock points. The mission rewards include improved resources, outfits, and battle perks.

Players can benefit from features of tactical response, gear skin, crafting resources pack and bonus levels. The PS4 players get additional DLC, rare player mode, bonus gear, and shifting dynamic theme on pre-order.